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As students transition into the Senior years at Delhi Public School Alwar, our curriculum continues to uphold our commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic development. Designed to prepare students for higher education and beyond, our Senior curriculum provides a rigorous yet enriching learning experience that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to succeed in a competitive world.

Students of Class XI and XII may take Science, Commerce or Humanities course, each of which cover 5 subjects.
S.No.I(Medical)II (Non-Medical)III (Non-Medical)IVV
2PhysicsPhysicsPhysicsBusiness StudiesPol. Science/ Geography
3ChemistryChemistryChemistry AccountancyEconomics/Fine Arts
4BiologyMathsMathsEconomicsHistory/Legal Studies/Hindi
5Maths/ Psychology / Info. PracticesEconomics / Phy. EducationComp. ScienceMaths/Psychology/ Fashion Studies/ Info. PracticesMaths/Psychology/ Fashion Studies/ Info. Practices

Rules and Regulations

  1. Attendance: Every student is required to maintain a minimum attendance of 75%, as per CBSE rules, to ensure consistent engagement in academic and co-curricular activities.

  2. Timely Arrival: Students must reach school premises by 7:15 a.m., ensuring punctuality and readiness for the day’s learning.

  3. Uniform and Grooming: Students are expected to adhere to the school uniform policy, maintaining proper attire, haircut, and trimmed nails to uphold the school’s decorum and discipline.

  4. Electronic Devices: The use of mobile phones, smartwatches, and other gadgets is strictly prohibited within the school premises. Confiscated items will be returned at the end of the session.

  5. Absenteeism: In case of student absence, parents are required to send an application to the Class teacher at the earliest, ensuring timely communication and documentation.

Monday Tests

  • Monday tests serve as essential assessments to ensure consistency and rigor in academic preparation and evaluation.
  • Re-tests for missed Monday tests are scheduled on the following Friday, strictly for students with valid reasons and proper documentation.
  • Medical cases require submission of a medical certificate upon the student’s return, while non-medical cases necessitate a pre-sanctioned leave application.
  • Attendance for Monday tests is compulsory for all students.

School Examinations 2023-24

  • All students are required to appear for all scheduled examinations, as per CBSE guidelines, aimed at consolidating and reinforcing syllabus concepts.
  • Detailed examination schedules and syllabi will be communicated through the school website well in advance, ensuring preparedness and clarity for students and parents.

For Better Results

  • Parents are urged to ensure the regularity and punctuality of their wards, maintaining open communication with class and subject teachers.
  • Attendance at Parent-Teacher Meetings is highly encouraged, facilitating constructive dialogue and collaboration between parents and educators.
  • Updated contact information should be provided to the Class Teacher for effective communication and coordination.
  • Students are expected to diligently participate in all tests and examinations, maximizing their learning potential and academic growth.

General Instructions for Board Exams

  • Project work for Board exams must be submitted during Pre-board practical exams, with further details on Board Exam schedules and practicals to be communicated in due course.
  • Students appearing for Board practical exams are required to also sit for the corresponding theory papers.
  • In the event of a student falling ill during Board examinations, immediate notification to the school is imperative for necessary support and arrangements.

Join us at Delhi Public School Alwar as we embark on this enriching journey of exploration, growth, and transformation in the Senior Secondary years. Together, let’s inspire excellence, ignite curiosity, and empower students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We deeply appreciate your unwavering support and commitment to our shared educational journey, and eagerly anticipate another year of growth, learning, and achievement.

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