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SECONDARY(IX-X) Curriculum

Step into the world of the SECONDARY(IX-X) Curriculum at Delhi Public School Alwar, The curriculum in broad term reflects nation’s shared vision of education encompassing local, national and global needs and expectations. Empirically, it may be regarded as the sum total of a planned set of educational experiences provided to a learner by a school to attain stipulated competencies using specified content, pedagogical practices and assessment guidelines etc. CBSE’s curriculum strives to provide opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning as envisioned in the National Education Policy-2020

Curriculum Areas at Secondary Level

At the secondary level, the CBSE curriculum emphasizes the holistic development of students, blurring the lines between academic and extracurricular activities. It aims to equip students with essential skills and knowledge across various subjects, including languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. The focus is on fostering effective communication, critical thinking, informed decision-making, and alignment with constitutional values. CBSE emphasizes the development of 21st-century skills in safe and supportive learning environments, encouraging real-life application of learning. Additionally, the curriculum includes areas such as Health and Physical Education, Life Skills, Values Education, Art Education, Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy, and Work Education. The secondary curriculum is learner-centered, promoting skill acquisition, self-confidence, creativity, and sportsmanship among students.


Languages include Hindi, English and 38 other languages. The curricula in languages focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and, hence, develop effective proficiencies in all these areas. Learners use language to comprehend, acquire and communicate ideas in an effective manner. CBSE also encourage schools to provide a multilingual and multicultural experiences to promote national integration.

Social Science

The Social Science curriculum, encompassing Geography, History, Economics, and Political Science, aims to deepen learners' understanding of human behavior, societal interactions, and global influences within cultural, geographical, and historical contexts. It seeks to equip students with comprehensive knowledge, attitudes, skills, and values essential for fostering positive transformations in the world.


Science: (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) seeks to explain the rules that govern the natural phenomenon through scientific methods. The focus is on knowledge and skills to develop a scientific temper and to use and apply scientific knowledge for improving the quality of life. The Curriculum promotes the ability to engage with science related issues, and with the ideas of science, as a reflective citizen by being able to explain phenomena scientifically, evaluate and design scientific enquiry, and interpret data and evidence scientifically.


Mathematics is the abstract science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts, or as applied to other disciplines such as sciences, technology and engineering. Mathematics includes acquiring the concepts related to number sense, operation sense, computation, measurement, geometry, probability and statistics, the skill to calculate and organize, the ability to apply this Knowledge and acquired skills in their daily life and the skills to think mathematically. It also includes understanding of the principles of reasoning and problem solving. Children learn to rationalize and reason about pre-defined arrangements, norms and relationships in order to comprehend, decode, validate and develop relevant patterns Mathematics is offered at two different levels i.e. Mathematics (Basic) & Mathematics Standard to suit needs of different learners.

Join us at Delhi Public School Alwar as we embark on this enriching journey of exploration, growth, and transformation in the Secondary years. Together, let’s inspire excellence, ignite curiosity, and empower students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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